J Bar Cane Oil and Gas Properties


John Michael Richardson (CPL #3362) got his start as a field landman in 1976 in south Louisiana.  He formed J Bar Cane in 1992 with the vision of providing a premium land services brokerage.  J Bar Cane has assisted in acquiring and divesting nearly 1,000,000 net acres of assets valued in excess of over $7.5 Billion.  

Jack Richardson (CPL# 94786) joined J Bar Cane in 2012 and has continued his father’s vision along with forming J Bar Cane Royalty, LLC, and Lazy J Bar Cane, LLC.  Jack has an undergraduate degree in Business Marketing from New Mexico State University and an MBA from Arizona State University.

J Bar Cane provides a full spectrum of Landman services in the Permian Basin, San Juan Basin, and Powder River Basin covering New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and Wyoming.